Reset rotation of a counter when returned to cup

I have a counter I draw from a cup and place on a hex map with a Can Rotate option that works great for CW, CCW and also directly to about-face using “{Rotator_Facing+3}”. However, when I need to return the piece to the cup, it stays in the same orientation. I was hoping to make a trigger such that when it moves to the cup map, the facing changes back to 1. Since I’m already using Rotate Directly for the about-face, I can’t add another Rotate Directly so I thought maybe I could add a second Can Rotate to the prototype, but it never fires. Could I set the value directly? I.e. Using the “end movement on cap map” trigger a command and the command is Rotator_Facing==1??

You could set up a trigger that changes the facing for the “Rotate directly” field.
Use a Dynamic Property for the facing.

By default, your DP will be set to the facing for your “about face” action.
On return to cup, a Trigger would cause the DP to set to the upright facing,
do the rotate and then restore the DP to its original value.

Alternatively, you could use a Trigger Action that loops, rotating a single facing at a time until Rotator_Facing==1.

Hmm…I thought I had it working. If I choose “return to cup”, the unit appears to rotate back to 1 and looks okay. However, if I drag it out of the cup and back onto the map, it is still rotated.

Your reset facing is not working then. You are right, it does appear correctly rotated once back in the deck, but that is because once in a deck the actual facing of the card does not affect how it looks.

Here is my DP:

Ctrl+R is the return to cup command and Alt+A is the about-face command.
I think maybe the Ctrl+R is setting CounterFacing to 1, but I need a trigger or something to tell the rotator to go ahead and rotate to CounterFacing. I added a trigger that said if I do a Ctrl+R, do an Alt+A, but it rotates it about face instead of back to 1. I’m also wondering if my logic is right but the execution order is wrong?

Could you show the setup of your Rotator trait? What is the ‘Rotate Directly’ Key Command?

Here is the rotator trait. The trick is that I need to use the rotate directly to either do an about-face or to rotate directly to 1 (to reset it).

Yup. So the problem is you have a Ctrl-R in the DP to set the facing to 1, but then you over-write that with the Alt-A which redoes the about face in the DP before setting the facing.

Yeah, so I thought I could have a trigger:

The issue is that I need two different “rotate directly” commands, but I don’t see how to specifically invoke one.

After banging my head against the wall trying to make a single operation perform two potential actions, I went back to @jrwatts suggestion. Hey, it worked. Much easier since the rotate clockwise is a separate action and I can just let it loop.

You don’t even have to get fancy with a dynamic property or anything. One simple trigger! Thanks, Jonathan.