Reseting Values ?

I am very new to Vassal and I don’t know any of the syntax or anything about how properties are named…

Is there a way to reset a piece to it’s default values when moved to a certain map (Map window name: ‘Large Map’ with a board name of ‘Large Map 1’) ?

I have a Health value dynamic property called ‘Hearts’ with a starting value of 10
A bunch of Area of Effect traits that I want to be turned off (ex name. ‘Aura 5’)
And a mark when moved trait that I also want turned off

I was trying to do a trigger action to activate when the piece enters the map, then have a dynamic property that activates and sets all the above values, but I don’t know how to word the values.

Any help is appreciated.

Just use the map definition window. The last setting in the list allows you to apply a key command to all counters ending movement on the map. You can use this key command to either activate your trigger, or directly change the dynamic properties by adding an entry that sets the value when the key command is applied. The latter method will reset the property every time the counter is moved on the map. Using a trigger, you could set the “when properties match” to limit when the resetting can occur. You can do this by adding another dynamic property to your counter and using it to control your trigger.

example: NewMapReset = yes then have this changed to “no” when the map’s key command is sent.