Resizing hexgrids on Mac

Has anyone used a Mac recently to resize a hex grid? I have tried this using Control+arrow key and command+arrow key and neither works as expected. Command+arrow just moves the hex grid, control does nothing.

Seems to be a bug. Have checked in a fix for 3.4.7. Joel may post a test version for you to check.

Try … macosx.dmg

Use Command instead of Control. Apparently Control + arrows gets intercepted by Mac OS for some special things. Does this work for you now?

I tried to do this yesterday. The command+arrow doesn’t work since Mac thinks you’re switching between windows. I was positioning the hexes in the correct upper left corner. Then I would save it, adjust the size, and then go back into the editor and make sure things were right. If not, I did the same thing over again.

Clandaith: the new release fixes the issue. Much, much better.