Restrict Flip command for a specific year

I am learning to use Kill commands to eliminate pieces during certain periods where they are not available. My pieces are 2 sided and I want to keep the original game counter mix and traits. I have the kills working fine, but my dilemma comes when I have a piece where the one side is not available during a certain year and the other is. I have tried to add a marker (Marker-1967 = Flip, then use a restrict commands to disable the flip but it isn’t working. I’m sure I am missing something simple somewhere , but have run out of ideas. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Okay I might not be 100% clear about what you mean by Kill commands, but in terms of how to disable flipping a counter based on what year it is:
(1) Presumably you have a Global Property named, say, Year? That sometimes contains values like 1967? (Or perhaps you have a Turn global property?)
(2) And your counter has the ability to flip, which is set to, perhaps, Ctrl+F?
So what you’d want in that case is to add a Restrict Commands trait to that counter. Set “Ctrl+F” (or whatever keystroke or named-keystroke you have assigned to flip the counter) as the command you’re restricting. In the matching expression, set it to “Year = 1967” (or “Turn = 10”, or whatever makes sense) – or if you use the expression builder button on the right side of the field and type into that, then you’d be typing Year==1967 or Turn==10 or again whichever expression you need to match.

That should disable the flip command for your specific counter when it’s 1967.

Does that get you at least part of the way toward what you’re trying to do? If I’ve misunderstood please give more details.

Thats along the lines of what I’m doing. I have a Global marker set. The restrict just wasn’t working. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes and see if I typoed or left an extra space in somewhere. Thanks!