Restricting Auto Report of Movement to specific pieces

Is there any way to get the auto reporting of movement on a map to apply to some pieces and not others?

This is one way. You will need to do the following:

  1. Turn the map based auto-reporting off by setting the ‘move’ report format to blank.
  2. Add a Key Command(Say Ctrl-A) in the ‘Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map’ field.
  3. Add ‘Report Formats’ reporting on Ctrl-A to the units you want to report movement.

Many thanks for the quick reply. I will try it.

OK that works, but now I have a follow up - can I get it so that the piece will be reported as being moved when in one state but not in another, specifically I am looking at trying to get non reporting of movement of units when they are invisible, but reporting when they are.

I think I have worked this out now. Basically what I have done is set a Key command for units ending movement on the map as suggested, then I set a trigger action which will only be triggered when property InvisibleToOthers=false and is triggered by the Key command as above, the action triggered is then reported as a movement.

Thanks for your help - if there is a better way of doing it I am all ears.