Restricting number of counters

I have created a Counter tray (Game Piece Palette) for players to select the units they wish to play with. However, I want to limit the total number they can select during play to a maximum. Could someone let me know how I should do this, please?

The simplest solution is to not use a Game Piece Palette, and instead have an At-Start Stack that contains the maximum allowed number of units (you could put this on a separate “Game Pieces” map board, if you like). However, if you really want to keep using the Game Piece Palette, you will need to add a Global Property (GP) to count each piece type that has a limit, defaulting to zero. On any map board on which pieces can be created, add a “Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”. On each piece for which the limit needs to apply, add a Dynamic Property (DP) to indicate if the piece has been newly created, defaulting to “true”. You will need a Trigger Action (triggered by the above key command) with restriction of DP == true, which triggers the DP to change to false, then triggers a Set Global Property (SGP) to increase the appropriate counter by 1, then triggers a check to see if too many pieces are now present: this will be another Trigger Action with a restriction of GP > , which will need to trigger a Report Action saying you’ve reached the limit, followed by an SGP to decrement the counter, then a Delete command to remove the piece.

If it’s possible to remove pieces during the game and free up more, whatever triggers the removal will also have to trigger an SGP to decrement the counter before deleting the piece.

Thanks for that. I’m a great believer in the “KISS” principle, so I’ll take your first option and place an At Start stack on a map board.

The only reason I used a Game Piece Palette was that the option was there by default. I appreciate your help.

Note that if each side is limited to a total number of pieces, but they can be of a different combination of types, the At-Start Stack solution won’t work. If they’re all the same, though, that’s the simplest solution.