Returning cards to the bottom of the deck

I’m trying to make a deck of cards with the following behavior:

  1. Shuffle at user request via right click menu

  2. Do not otherwise shuffle between card draws unless the right click option is specifically chosen

  3. When cards are returned to the deck, they are returned to the BOTTOM of the deck, so that, barring any shuffles, they will eventually be encountered again in the order they were first drawn.

Right now when I return a card to a deck by drag-and-drop, it seems to go to the TOP of the deck, and when I draw the next card, the card I just returned seems to be the first one to be drawn off again. Any way to change this? Right now, the closest I can seem to get is to return the cards to a discard deck and then once the original deck is empty, move the entire discard deck to the original deck and reverse it. The only problem with this is that the user KNOWS when the deck is about to cycle because they can see that the original deck is empty (or almost empty), which is tolerable but not optimal. The other problem with this is that, while I can send a key command once the draw deck is empty, and get the discard deck to go back to the draw deck with that command (at least I assume I can; I haven’t tried it yet), there is no hotkey or key command for reverse, so I can’t get the discards to automatically go back to the draw deck and reverse. In a sense, the users have to do deck maintenance (by manually selecting reverse), and I’d like to avoid that if I can.

Is this the only way to get the behavior that I want? Or is there some other option to determine where in the card deck (top or bottom) a card goes when it is returned? Is this a feature that could be added? (Should I move this to the feature request part of the forum?)

This is the only way to do what you want in the current version. I’ll look into making “add to bottom” a Deck property.


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