Reversing the mouse over stack order

Is there a way to reverse the order of images displayed in the mouse over stack viewer. I often have the game board zoomed out and will need to see the top most card in a discard pile (what’s the property trait for that?) and when I roll over the deck it shows only a few cards starting from the bottom of the deck. Constantly zooming in and out is a pain and if I can get the mouse over to show the top card on the far left instead of the bottom card that would be so much easier

(Assuming you’re using version 3.6.0 or later,) Each player has a preference to reverse the left-to-right order of the Stack Viewer (go to File/Preferences/General and look at the bottom of the list). There’s no way to automatically reverse the order for everyone using the module, however.


Would this work if the player were Solo?

Nevermind… just checked and it works… THANKS