Rotating/ pivoting layers individually

Is it possible without rotating the basic piece itself…

I know it rotates all the is above it on the trait list; but if you were to have all layers on separate Piece and link the pieces with common centre point and marker_keys for unified movement and rotating of the entirety the only thing stopping some quite complex vehicle and robot designs is the fact that rotating a layer rotates the basic piece…

There’s a trick you may be able to use. Have two Rotate traits, with the second one just above the Basic Piece. Set up the key commands so that the second Rotate trait’s angle is always the negative of the first one’s. (In other words, the same keystroke rotates the first clockwise and the second counter-clockwise.) This doesn’t work if the trait is set to allow arbitrary rotations, however.


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I was hoping for arbitrary rotation; but thats a bloody good idea, mate.

Only thing is I was looking for it to be an offset layer with a pivot command on it so as to make a rotating extrusion; but still allow a common centre point with the main part of the Tank…

Now theres wanting the moon on a stick ;)

But what you said will be great for Gyroscopic stabilisers on Turrets… Good work.