Rotation, Altitude and Layers


Here’s one that is giving me problems…

I know how to rotate an image using layers so I can rotate a counter through increments of 60-degrees to indicate hex-side facing.

Now, if this counter is an air unit it can have the following values; Cruise, Nap of Earth (NOE) and Ground.

Again, I know I can use the Layer Trait to change the ‘altitude’ of the counter to indicate which level it is at.

My problem is this: how do I use layers (or possibly a different trait) to rotate the counter and increase/decrease its altitude?

The counter displays the current altitude of the counter as text on the counter face.

Rather than use a layer trait for altitude, you probably want to use a combination of a Dynamic Property and a Text Label.

You would use the DP to establish and adjust a variable …in this case, let’s call it PlaneAltitude

On the TL, in the entry box labeled Text, you would put $PlaneAltitude$

Then the text label would display whatever the PlaneAltitude happens to be at the time.

Thanks for the advice.

I have created a dynamic property as suggested and assigned three key commands to change the text value on the counter directly to Cruise, NOE and Ground.

I have also positioned the text label to appear at the bottom of the playing piece counter. That has gone OK.

However, if I rotate the counter, the altitude text layer stays in its original position and does not rotate?

You need to change the order of your traits, move the label for the altitude above or below the rotate trait (don’t remember which way). The Downtown module has rotate and altitude labels and it works fine. Probably it’s helpful to you to take a look at that module.

That fixed it - thanks!

Once again - trait order :smiley:

Still, I’m picking up a lot as I continue to develop an understanding. You guys are really helpful.