Rounded values in INVENTORY

Using 3.0.17 or 3.1.4 Vassal :

Just want to confirm this :

A token has a Dynamic Property = 0.5 (Point)

When i use $sum_Point$ in an inventory window = 1 Point

Then, i suppose that a value is automatically rounded by Vassal ???

Thank you to confirm this.



I can’t say which way it rounds but I believe this to be true.

Java has several defined variables for handling numbers:
Byte, Short, Int, Float, Double, and Long

Byte and Short are rarely used. Int and Long are more common, these 4 handle
whole numbers only.
Float and Double are for decimal number type usage

I think Vassal is setup to use the Int variable so any decimal value is
automatically rounded by the code. I have to dig through it to be sure

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