Saving size and position of Property Sheet window

I am trying to design a module and have a problem.

  1. Is there any way to edit/save a module so that the property sheet window of a game piece does not have to be stretched to make the contents fully visible when the game is played?

  2. Same question with the game piece pallete - I have to stretch the divider each time I edit or play a module.

  3. Also is it possible to save a module so that a game piece property sheet window opens at a specific location on the screen?

I am using 3.1 Beta 7 - Windows XP.

If you stretch the palette to the size you want while editing the module and save, it should adjust to that size automatically next time you load it. (Only in v3.1)

There’s no way to do either of these yet.


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Thanks for the quick response. I can stop trying to work out how to do it now.