Scope of GP/GKC

I try to understand the concept behind GP and GKC and where they are visible (exposed). Say, I have a GP PlayerCount on module level and a dependent GP PopulationCount (number of tokens available), also at module level. Each has a change-property Toolbar Button; the number of players is chosen from a list, the PopulationCount is claculated. A Multi-Action Button on module level calls both Toolbar Buttons. Works perfectly. The target is to show the player count value on the players’ hands; that works, too.

BUT what I really want is to have that Multi-Action Button in an admin map window that also does other things connected to the setup. And here the same Multi-Action Button, when pasted to that window, does nothing.
Where would the problem be? Are the Toolbar Buttons only “visible” (exposed) on their level (i. e. module)? Or do they look for a GP on the level on which the command was given (i. e. where the Multi-Action botton is located)? In that case they would not find anything, as the properties are one level up.

The manual does not say anything about this, hence my question here.

I guess I know the answer now. I misunderstood the Multi-Action Button completely. Like the Toolbar Button, it is more like a hoover than an activator. Meaning I’ll have to move the original buttons to the map window level as well to make it work. I guess.

No, no, your buttons are fine, if I’m reading the situation correctly. Leave 'em, if they’re working for you. The global properties could also be housed entirely on the map level, which would still affect them module-wide, but since as you noted their multi-action button is one level up, then the easiest way right now imo is to simply assign a Global Hotkey trait to any piece on the main map (or admin’s map) that is there the entire game. A turn marker or likewise would work for this, or you can add a no-image, non-stacking, non-moving piece. This piece would have a Global Hotkey trait that fires the hotkey for the main toolbar’s Multi-action button. Add a GKC button to the admin’s map toolbar that will fire the GH trait on that piece (which itself fires the hotkey for the main toolbar’s M-A button). You can then make the M-A button on the main toolbar invisible if you want to (by removing its button name), and move the GKC button on the admin window into its own M-A button that does other stuff too with one click.

Hope I got that right. But if it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks again, rrvs! This works, actually I could use the piece that carries the hotkey as a button itself (action button trait).

I am glad to have people like you on the forum but I have seriously to try to get my head around the key command/hotkey stuff, mostly I have no idea what I am doing and why it works (or not, most of the time). While the docs give the reference and some examples I have to understand what is going on conceptually; I guess doing a few more things like this will help. Trying to use the same principle I just sent VASSAL into something it detected as an infinite loop – one key command too many, I guess :frowning:

Neat. Found the problem, all works nicely now, thanks again! I have also completely switched to text strings (instead of key combinations) for “system function” hotkeys, that makes it much easier to keep track of who does what.

That is very true - and still new to me. Vassal has a lot of depth. Glad I could help a bit.