Score Table

Is there a suggested way to create a score table? I’d like to re-vamp the High Frontier VP chart.

The easiest way to explain would be imagine scoring for different areas like in 7 Wonders, then having a total at the bottom.

Now I’m not as worried about the grand total. I’m more interested in developing a table system to track current Victory points, for different categories that could be gained/lost. If there are suggestions on how to make this work, what modules use a similar table scoring method so that I could see it in action?

Thanks for your help in advance. -Sam

Should I post this in the feature request section?

Here’s a sample that may help. Just change the .zip to .vmod.

This sample shows a number display on a piece that can be increased or decreased by clicking the small arrows.

What you want to do would be similar except that your display layers could display the values of Global Properties in the score table. When that GP changes, the display will change. You also do not need to use layers but rather just have transparent pieces with a text trait that displays the value of the GP.

thanks! Now I understand both action buttons, labels, layers, and piece/global dynamic values. (skipping layers) I’m using these to build a score table piece. Thanks!

I was making progress, but now my complex score table prototypes cause the pieces to freeze up the editor.

Restarted file from scratch, so far it is working better.

Thanks again. Your module helped rebuild the module. The calculations I use cause the module editor freeze completely, but it works. :smiley: