Scoreboard with markers


I am trying to make a kind of scoreboard with markers on it. The markers have two states. Ok and Not OK.

I made a seperate gameboard and by using “single pieces” and a “at start stack” I can put a marker on the board. By using Layers I can make the marker indicate the two states OK and not OK. So far good… :slight_smile:

But how can I put several markers in a fixed starting position? And how can I prevent the markers from being moved (so they have t o keep a fixed position)?



Give the markers a Does not stack trait and set the trait to “move never”,
but always “selectable” so you can change their state.

If it is automated, you can give it a restricted access trait instead

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Ok, works fine thanks…

When building that sollution I have one more queestion, but I will post this in a seperate topic.