Scroll bars in player hands

I know I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot get the scroll bars to work in a player hand board like they do in a map board. In fact I cant get them to work at all in a player hand. When I zoom in on a player hand there appears to be no way of scrolling to the out of view areas.

Can anyone help?

Thus spake “Peter Roberts”:

I’ve only just now had time to look into this. Which version of
VASSAL are you using?


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I am using vassal 3.0.17. The module that has the problem is on vassal i.e. StatisProVer1.0 There are 3 player hands. In the “Home” and “Away” player hands the horizontal scroll bar appears when you zoom in but doesn’t allow you to scroll across the whole window, but the vertical scroll bar doesn’t. On the “set plays” player hand the scroll bars do not appear at all when you zoom in.

I am currently working on a newer version of the module and somehow I have now got the scroll bars appearing in the “Home” and “Away” player hands, but still cannot get them to appear in the Set Plays player hand and they still don’t allow scrolling over the whole of the window. I think it is just a case of me not knowing where it is I have to change something to get the scroll bars to appear, due to my limited knowledge.


Joel Uckelman wrote:

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Just wanted to chime in and say I have had the same problems in my module. Hope that someone can determine a fix.