scrollable text

Dear forum,

from reading the manual it seems there is no way to place scrollable text
in a map/board or a piece/card.

Any tricks to output collected multiline text ?
Or can someone point me to a working example, i.e. a module
which collects text (secretly plotted moves or something like that) for later inspection.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matthias,

Do you mean where players can input text into the game? The only mechanism I know to do that is the Notes function. You can enter secret moves or private notes for later revelation.

What game mechanism are you trying to reproduce? There is often more than 1 possible way for Vassal to handle it.

Somewhat. It’s copies of planned moves, but also text created by other commands.

I’ll search for that in the manual.

I’m tinkering with the wooden ships & iron men module.
Every turn you (secretly) plan a move, grappling, boarding and reloading the cannons.
Some of this is revealed in the same phase simultaneously by all players,
but other things can take several turns before it’s revealed.
So I had the idea to log all this in text form for inspection at the end of the game.

Thanks, Matthias.

Just read about notes and made a quick test:
Primarily the delayed notes are interesting,
but they seem not to work. For example, if I enter a note
as the British side, retire and join the French side, I still can see the notes.
Even the observer can see them.
Do I have to read the manual literally here? Delayed notes are connected to the player not the side?

Regards, Matthias.