Searching Through a Deck

I don’t mean to monopolize this forum, but I still have a few more beginner’s questions that I can’t find answered here already. I’m going to post them separately to help others find them in the future.

I need allow a player to search through a deck. I have cards that instruct a player to search Deck A,B,C, or D for a card of their choice and place it in their hand.

This is a Beta test for what will eventually be a printed card game.

The player places the “search deck” card on the board so the other player sees it. Then, without the opponent seeing the search and resulting choice, the player needs to quickly go through the deck, pull a card into their hand and have the deck re-shuffle.

Please help ASAP. I need to get this out for testing.


Just an example of the action card…

Each such card enables player to pick up just one, specific actor card, am I right?

Quick draft:

  1. Assume a set of cards which enable a player to search through Actor Library is called A.
  2. Define a trait Marker SearchFor = ‘Cary Grant’ (or whatever actor may be retrieved from the Actor Library) for each card belonging to A.
  3. For each card from Actor Library define action Send To Location => player window. You need to find a way to evaluate Player Window based on Player Name, somehow. Assign this action to, say, C-R.
  4. For each card from Actor Library define Marker ActorName = ‘Cary Grant’ (or whatever actor name is).
  5. You would now define a GKC for each card belonging to A. Matching Properties: DeckName == “Actor Library” && ActorName == $SearchFor$, Global Key Command == “C-R”. Give it a name, for example, “Retrieve Actor”.

Now, on each card belonging to A you have a command “Retrieve Actor” – when it’s executed, module automatically searches through Actor Library and retrieves corresponding actor and places it in player’s hand.

Nice card design, BTW.


No, I want the player to browse through the deck and choose any one card from what they see. Searching for a specific actor doesn’t work as it may be in the discard pile, or the opponent’s hand.

Set the deck to Reshuffle = Always, Draw Card Face Up = Always and hope nobody exploits this.


  1. Action Card placed on board

  2. Player able to look through deck and see all cards (face-up)

  3. Player selects a card

  4. Player Re-shuffles

  5. Deck is back face-down on board.

  6. Player discards Action Card.

Only solution I see:

Provide an ancillary exam window for each player to draw cards into. Then, return them to deck with multiple presses of Ctrl-R. Then somehow getting the deck to reshuffle.

Am I missing anything? Is here a better, more elegant way?


  • use GKC to send whole deck (i.e. each card) back to the, erm, deck (instead of multiple C-Rs, that would be tedious).
  • when deck is set to Reshuffle=always, there is no need to reshuffle; every time a card is drawn, deck is automatically reshuffled.
  1. I don’t understand what GKC is (I’m a newbie).

  2. In a separate posting I also want a player to be able to look at X cards on the top of the deck and put them back in an order they choose. Wouldn’t Reshuffle-always force the deck to reshuffle as each card is placed back onto the deck?

  1. GKC = Global Key Command.

  2. Right you are. Hence, a Multi Action Button – in which you would combine aforementioned GKC and a command to reshuffle the deck – will work better.