Seeking a Vassal Guru to Build a Module

Howdy Gents,

I’ve been approached to build a module for an old Avalon Hill game. They’ve sent me specifics of what they want and Lord knows their requests are FAR ABOVE my skills. Now I usually build playtest modules and simpler game modules as finished products. I see my efforts as relieving the burden of mundane builds from the task list of the builders who are truly skilled artisans with Vassal. But I’ve been asked to do something I KNOW I have NO CHANCE of accomplishing.

Might one of you guys who are true Vassal Guru’s drop me a line so I can put you in touch with the specifics and I’ll just hand off the project to someone who knows all the Vassal secrets I don’t?

Tom Cundiff

I PM’d you.


Received, map and game log files and function requests sent. Contact Info also included for the guy who requested the module.

Thanks Much,