Send to Location - Map name resolved but not zone?


I have two separate ‘send to location’ traits that should be working the same but aren’t.

In one case, I have a “Supplies” map window for each PlayerSide. Each window has an identically named region. So I’ve created a Send to Location trait which has {"$PlayerSide$ Supplies"} as the “map name” and the static region name (same for all player’s windows).

This works just as I expect it to. The expression resolves to “China Supplies” which is the name of the map window, and everything is well.

However, In a separate incident, I’m trying to move a different card to a specific zone on the main map. The function works normally if I manually type in the mapname and zone name, but when I try to change the zone name to be dependent on the PlayerSide (as above) the command becomes greyed out. I’ve checked and double-checked my spelling.

Any idea if this is expected behavior or a bug? Should the “Zone Name” resolution work differently from “map name” resolution? Is there a difference in the way “Send to Region” works vs. “Send to Zone”?

I don’t use PlayerSide in those sorts of contexts so I’m not 100% on when it’s “available” (defined). Could it be that rather than a Zone/Region difference it’s a difference between a player-owned window and the main map?

Possible workarounds if you can’t get that to fly…

  • Is there something you can check from the card’s OldLocationName or OldZone etc to know where it’s supposed to go (i.e. will it already be on “China’s” map at the time it needs to be sent, so you can arrive at the China part that way?)
  • Are the cards specific to sides so that they could have a Marker put on them knowing that side they belong to?
  • Failing that, when the card is put in its former location (the one you’re sending it from), would you know at that point that it’s “China’s” so you could set a Dynamic Property in the card?


When a Send To Location command is right-clicked, it makes a pre-send check to see if it can find the proposed destination, if it can;t, then it greys the send to location command out. It is also greyed out if the piece is already at the proposed destination.

A few things to check/try:

  1. Are you getting a Bad Data in Module Error in the Chat line when you click on the counter?
  2. What sort of location is the piece being moved from?
  3. Change the Zone selection expression to {PlayerSide+" Supplies"}
  4. Add a Text Label to the offending piece 'Dest=[$PlayerSide$ Supplies] to double check how $PlayerSide$ is evaluating in the from location

Unfortunately, the cards are ‘neutral’ and can be picked up by anyone. In this case, I am trying to create a button which pulls a card from the main draw pile and sends it to a specific map window (a player’s ‘tableau’ window). I was just trying to avoid making separate 'sendToX" commands for all the different factions across all the cards.

Oddly enough, when I tried working on the problem inside the expression builder, it rewrote my text into:

{""+PlayerSide+" Supplies"}

and that works for the map. Going to try it on the zone now.