Send-to-Location not adding unit to stack in same Region

I have a module (Paths of Glory 9.2) where I have noticed a funky little behavior:

  1. There are Army units which can be built/rebuilt in certain spaces (e.g. French 10th Army can be rebuilt in Paris).
  2. When a player picks one of these options, module uses “Send to Location” (Region on current map, “Paris”) to send it there.
  3. It works great IF no other unit is there, OR IF the only other units there were also sent with the same function.
  4. BUT if there was already a unit there (i.e. an At Start stack or one dragged there by the player), the new unit appears in the location (e.g. Paris in my example), but is not added to a stack with the units already there which then can mean anomalous behavior such as rolling over the “stack” and only being shown one of the units there – Paris might look like there is only one Army in it when in fact there are two.
  5. WHEREAS… if one drags the new unit there from e.g. the reinforcement page, and gets anywhere even vaguely near Paris, the new unit gets popped into a stack with any existing units and thenceforth behaves “properly”.

I’m guessing that the phenomenon I’m seeing in 4 happens then the existing stack isn’t on the “exact pixel location” of the Region (this is a point-to-point card-driven strategy game – allows players to drag the unit anywhere around the general region of the space, and this is very much a desired behavior as player can arrange “markers” and things in the space to suit his/her own predilections about such things). Obviously I’d like send-to-location to find other units that are in the space (e.g. Paris) and add the incoming unit to the stack.

I guess I could force specifically units moving to a region to be teleported to “THE” pixel of the region so all units (not necessarily markers and other things) in the space would always be on the exact location of the region. This is how things like the Turn Marker and the VP Marker work – they force themselves into the center of their track space whenever moved anywhere near it. I would just feel a little sad that players could no longer arrange their counters “to suit” (you know - move them a little left so they won’t obstruct the whole name of the really-nearby-adjacent-space or whatever).

Can anyone think of a more user-elegant solution that’s available? (Or am I simply making some foolish error that would let me clean this up).

Correct. I can’t think of an easy solution that doesn’t involve making the irregular grid snap to regions (which has plenty of downsides).