Send to Location require numbered grid?

To use the send to location do you need to have a numbered grid on the board? If so would it be too difficult to use it when you have 3 board zones?

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There are a number of different ‘targets’ you can use for Send to Location, none of which require a numbered grid on the board. Best thing is probably if you read the reference manual. The simplest method uses an X,Y pixel co-ordinate relative to the top-left corner of the map. Other options allow you to send the piece to a named Zone or Region on the map, or to a specific counter already on the map.


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I’m pretty sure you don’t have to have a numbered grid to use Send To Location. You do need it if you want to position the stack with grid coordinates.

I know this isn’t part of your question, but I encountered the following: If you have a grid, and are not using grid coordinates to position your stack, i.e., you’re using pixel coordinates, then “snapping to grid” may apply and change the location. That means when you position a piece that can snap to grid at, say, pixel coordinates (12, 37), it may end up at a different pixel location, because the snapping takes over and re-positions it.