Send to Location/Return to Deck

I originally asked this question on the VASSAL Yahoo! Group:

[b]Does any one know if it is possible to have either of these features
have different send-to locations depending on which player does the

(The longer explanation is each player has a “reserves” window that
houses that player’s unused AND defeated units, meaning that I want
players to be able to right-click and send defeated units back to
their respective reserve windows, which is easier than dragging from
one window to another.)

The following are replies, also from the Yahoo! Group.

This was informative, as Silent War is an elegant mod (and showed me some things I hadn’t seen), but my problem still remains, because the pieces for both players originate in the same location (the game piece palette) but need to end up in different locations depending on who owns them.

If you have a $playerSide$ specific area which contains the pieces that player has available it is very easy.
Use a private window that you can either show or hide from other players depending on your preference.
If the name of the player that owns that window is named “Player 1” name your window “Player 1 reserve”. If the player is named “Red” name that window “Red reserve” and do this for every player. Now you create a "send to"command with “$playerSide$ reserve” amd name that command “send to reserve” or whatever you think it should be called. There is a send back option in that send to command.
What this does is send it back to the location it was at when you used that send to command. “$playerSide$” can be used in many other ways as well in a similar manner.