Send to Location to Multi-Zoned Grid location

I have a Map>Board with a Multi-Zoned Grid, inside a Zone with a Rectangular Grid and Grid Numbering.

The Zone (name=Turn) has Location format: $name$ $gridLocation$
The Rectangular Grid numbering has Location format: $column$

When I move tokens onto the grid it reports as “Turn 1”, “Turn 2”, “Turn 3”, etc.

When I use Send to Location, Region on selected Map, what is the Region for Turn 1 in the grid?

  • Bad Data in Module: Piece: Turn Trait: Send To Location - Init - Turn 1 - Turn 1 Source: Region=Turn 1 Error: Region not found. See the errorlog for more details.

Regions are features of Irregular Grids.

So you’re saying there’s no way to put it on the Rectangular Grid?

You need to use the ‘Grid location on selected Map’ option, not the ‘Region on selected Map’ option. I think the correct values to use will be the ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. returned by the Grid Numbering.

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