"Send To Location" working inconsistently (possible software bug?)

I’m having a really strange problem with a module I’ve been working on for several months. Here’s the situation: in Seas of Thunder, all of the port tiles for the Early War need to shift to their exact X,Y location on another map for Late War period. I created a Global Key Command to effect this. The Send to Location trait works perfectly. The X,Y coordinate for the destination is set to {CurrentX} and {CurrentY} respectively. No problem.

Here’s where it gets weird. When I use the EXACT SAME METHOD to send the same pieces to the Early War map, it doesn’t work. Nothing happens. The command is grayed out. This feels like a software bug. I’ve been fighting with this for close to 3 weeks now without success.

Can anyone take a look and let me know what you think? Here’s a download link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


-Joel Toppen

I think this is actually working as intended, though I see what you’re trying to do. Just for verification I bound a keystroke to a Report Action to have any selected port piece report its coordinates. After doing so, I start a game, select one–say, Casablanca. It reports 258,616 as its XY before I’ve done anything. Then I hit your toolbar button to send all the ports to the Late War map–and it works, because as the StL docs say:

Positions below are relative to the board’s position within the Map. If no board is specified, positions are relative to the Map Window.

So it’s ending up at 258,616–but relative to the top left of the Late War Allied ports board. Now I repeat my new keystroke to have the Casablanca port piece report its XY and it comes back as 258,3916, because CurrentX/CurrentY are determined relative to the whole map window, not an individual board within a map window. When the other toolbar GKC is fired, it’s doing the same as above, but now relative to the Early War board, and 3916 pixels down from the top left of the Early War board (and the overall map window) puts it in its current spot on the Late War board–effectively it’s not moving at all.

Change the Y destination in your prototypes to {CurrentY-3300} for the StL that’s reacting to the “Shift to Early War” GKC and it’ll work the way you want.

Ahhh! I think that’s it. I’ll apply the -3300. Doh! I should have thought of this. I’ve run into this thing before…



Are these pieces on a hex or square grid? If so, it would make more sense to use the “Grid Location” variant of Send to Location, with the current value of LocationName as the destination coordinates (but on the other board). That way you don’t have to worry about offsetting X/Y coordinates.

I don’t remember, I didn’t look at the rest of the parts all that closely–but yeah, that approach ran through my mind as well.