Send to $playerSide$ is sending to Main Map

I have built many modules and had no trouble drawing cards to hand, but for some reason the one I am working on now keeps sending the cards to the Main Map instead of the Player Hands. I feel like I’ve checked everything it could be. I’ve renamed the sides and reassigned them to the Player Hands just in case something went wrong there. Please give me ideas of what I need to check before I drive myself insane.

Additional - I need the Player Hands viewable to all, because it’s an open info game, but it doesn’t work when I turn that off either, so I don’t think that’s it.

Do you have a region point or zone in the “Player Hand” windows to send the cards to? I don’t think it will work if you just try to send a card to a window without some sort of destination point.

Is that something new, because I have never done that before or seen it in any modules I’ve looked at.