Sending Report on "Draw Specific Card"

Is there any way to send a report to the log when a player chooses “Draw Specific Card” from a deck?
At the very least, it would be fine if I could only allow a specific player to draw specific card from a deck.
One of the players in my game has access to a card that allows him to search a deck for a specific card. The other player has no such card, and it is imperative that he not be allowed to look through the deck in question (though he can occasionally draw a card from it). Obviously, this would not be an issue in a face to face game, but in Vassal you can look through the deck without it even being reported.

Have you found a solution to this problem? In fact I have the same question but no response currently.

Casts Raise Dead

Same question. xD For my particular module, I need a way to Report them even ACCESSING the pile, even if they don’t take any cards, because they’re not allowed to know what’s left inside the deck without a special ability.

What you ask makes a lot of sense but I don’t think it is currently supported.

I would go for a workaround involving moving the cards from the normal no-search deck to a temporary search-allowed one:

a) Remove the “search specific card” from the deck;

b) Create a second (normally empty) deck location on the map (“search area” or something), with “search specific card” allowed;

c) Have whoever plays the “search deck” card activate/click on some button/command (for example a right click command on the card itself or maybe a “start search” button next to the search area);

d) Have the above command invoke a global key command on all cards in the deck to issue a return to deck on each one of them and send them all to the “search area” deck, while at the same time reporting this happened via a report command trait;

e) Have the player search and draw the cards he/she wants from the search area deck and then click on another button/command somewhere (for example the same button as before which now shows “end search” via a layer trait) to return all cards back to the original deck.