SendToLocation for Zone has inconsistent position?

I have a hexagonal zone defined. Using the same polygonal vertices, I defined several similar hexagonal zones. (No, my map isn’t strictly hexagonal; I’m trying to simulate circular zones as closely as possible). Each hexagonal zone represents 1 city.

I tried SendToLocation to 2 different zones. Both zones are similarly defined. The SendToLocation put my game piece at different locations within the hexagons.

I was hoping the SendToLocation would put it to a consistent location within a zone, so that I can use a standard x/y offset. Eg, a set of offsets to send TypeA counters to, and another set to TypeB counters. Simply put, different “sub-zones” in a city zone will house different types of counters.

EDIT: Ignore me, please. I “fixed” this. There is a bit of a bug in vassalengine in deciding the 0,0 position of a zone, but it can easily be fixed by deleting the “zone definition” (not the zone entity itself) and re-drawing the zone boundaries. You have to click in the center of your city (or zone area) to register that place as the 0,0 position of the zone.

EDIT AGAIN: Er, nope. There’s a bug, no doubt about it. So, I’m eschewing the explicit hexagon-grid, and hoping that gamers have good eyes to see which game piece is related to which city.

You might be better off defining an Irregular Grid with ‘Snap’ turned off and using the Send To Location option to send the units to a Named Region.