Set global property as modified by another global property?

Hey guys,

it’s me, the newb again. Just a quick question.
I want to be able to have, on a counter, an option to increase a global property. However, I’d like this increase to be modified by another global property. Is such a thing possible?

For example, have a key command in a “set global property” set to Increment Numeric Value. Under “increment by” (1+$GoldProdBonus$)

Is such a thing possible?[/code]

It is possible to increment by another GP, however not (1+$GoldProdBons$)

Instead you would add the same key twice to the Set GP trait

One to increment by (1) and the other to increment by ($GoldProdBonus$)

This in net effect will give you (1+$GoldProdBonus$), unless GP/DP’s can now
do math but last time I checked they couldn’t but could be wrong :slight_smile:

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3.2 will allow ‘in-line Java expressions’ in fields that currently allow $variable$.

Haven’t finalised syntax yet, but I expect you would enter something like:


Fields that will allow ‘in-line Java’ are the same as those which allow $variable$ expressions. In 3.2 it will be clear which these are because they will have a little Calculator icon.

The idea is that clicking on the icon will open an in-line Java expression builder/validator.


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Oh, do please tell me that 3.2 will be released soon :smiley:, for this is wonderful news.

Just to note, its interesting that it will see the value, just won’t do the math.


  • Bad Data in Module: Numeric field contains a non-number Increment Federation Research: format=1+$Federation Research Bonus$, value=1+2[/code]

First beta is planned for release no later than July 1.

However, various features will be available in svn builds before then and testers will be much appreciated. We don’t have a working 3.2 trunk quite yet, but when we do, I will be looking for assistance testing Named Key Strokes and the Mass Piece Loader right away, and other new features as I get them in.


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I hereby volunteer? :smiley:!