Set Global Property using GKC without Turn Counter Hotkey

Hi Everyone

How do I fire off a GKC without using a Global Hotkey from the Turn Counter. I do not want to use a Turn Counter to advance to the next phase of my game. I have created two GKC “Previous Phase” and “Next Phase” which in turn set a global property (gp_number) to value 1,2 or 3 in a hidden counter on the main map.

There is several hidden GKC which should trigger a set global property to change global property (gp_name) to either Name A. Name B or Name C, depending on the value of gp_number.

But where would I get the Hotkey from if not using Turn Counter?

I have attached a sample module.

Thank you in advance.

The turn counter does exactly what I want, but all my rules only apply to the person advancing the turn. “If phase==this then certain traits apply to all”, but it does not work.