Shift Player View to where a mat is sent to

Searched the forum, did not find anything. Of course I probably used the wrong search words.
Anyhow, is there a way to center the map view for a player that sends a loaded mat to somewhere else?
I ask as I use a number of mats to transfer units from the West/East edges to the East/West edges. While this obviates the necessity to click and drag for one edge to the next, that player still has to scroll from one edge to the other to unload the mat (and return it back to point of origin).
So, having that map auto center on where the mat was sent to, by that player only (no one else), would be nice. But with a caveat, do not auto center for the ‘mat send back to origin’.
This can be a user preference?

Add a Move Camera Button to the Map (documented on this page, but you’ll have to search for it), and give it a Hotkey. Use a Global Hotkey trait to trigger it remotely.

Awesome. Thank you very much.
Obviously still lots I am unaware of with Vassal functionality and extras that make a module developers life easier.
Perhaps I need to re-print the reference manual, assuming that is possible (ie a PDF or similar of the web version).

Global hotkey not working, but clicking on the button does. I’ll forget about the hotkey. Aim essentially met.