Shifting Cards In A Horizontal Row

Hello all.

I just started working with designing modules this week, and I am really enjoying it so far!

I was thinking about a mechanic in which people play cards in a horizontal row, and if some characteristics of the played card match those of some of the cards in that row, they are taken by the player. The remaining cards are shifted to as far to the starting point as they will go.

The thing that puzzles me is how to handle to the shifting of the remaining cards. If they were all next to each other they could be moved a fixed distance perhaps, but based on the order of what cards might be left in the row, it’s likely there are going to be interrupted gaps.

Any ideas?


The Player Hand [map window] component does this automatically (providing you don’t include traits that defeat the purpose of the windows operation). Create a region point for the first card and any new cards sent to the region point in the window will automatically shift to the right of the last card. If cards are removed, the remaining cards shift left to fill in the gaps. Give access to the Player Hand window to everyone and I would think you could treat it as a regular map window. Try experimenting with that.

Thanks so much!

For some reason, I noticed this behavior in another module I was doing, and I kept figuring for the other thing it had to be more complicated than that.

Much appreciated.