Ship Counters for a new module

I apologize if this had appeared before. I am trying to make a new module for a game called RAIDER! from Yaquinto Publishing. The scale is one unit per ship, with about 4 ship types. Carriers, Merchant Ships, Warships, Subs, and a couple of airplane types (seaplanes, fixed wing). Is there a go-to resource for the unit counter symbols for ships? I have already created the map using Campaign Cartographer, I dont really want to create images of ships (I am not that good of an artist!). I have used the Nato Symbols in the past for infantry, mech, armor, etc…But I am yet to find a default symbol set for ships. Any help is appreciated.



If you can outline & fill in profile images of ships I would try googling the ONI WWII Ship Recognition books. The Naval intelligence books will have top-down & profile figures of ship that you can work from & you don’t need to be a skilled artist. Cavan