Shuffling an At Start Stack

I want to place a stack of counters in a specific location on my main map board at the start of a game. One of these counters is drawn blind by each player at the start of each turn and, when flipped, each shows a different value - 0, 1 or 2. I would like to include the facility to shuffle this stack during the game but can’t see how to add the trait.

Maybe I should treat them as a card deck - would that make more sense?

There is no real difference between a “card” and a “counter” in Vassal, so yes, it would make much more sense to treat it as a card deck, since that already has the functionality you want. The only actual difference between a card and counter, in fact, is that cards default to starting in a deck, and are created with a Mask trait already included.

Thanks - that’s what I’ll do.