Shuffling pieces in a stack, without a deck?

This is something that’s come up in a couple of my module designs.

I can imagine doing this as follows:

  1. Store the location of the stack in global properties
  2. Send everything in the stack to a deck somewhere, probably buried in a setup window outside the main play area. That deck would be set to always shuffle
  3. Send everything back to the original location stored in step 1.

This feels like a ton of overhead to accomplish the objective. Is there a more convenient way to do this?

That’s pretty much how I’ve always done it. I have some vague memory that you might have to draw the pieces back out of the deck 1 at a time otherwise you might not get the shuffling effect? But I can’t remember.

In my “For the People” module, if you look for the prototype called “General Randomizer”, you’ll find an example of my implementation of it. It’s called that not because it is generalized, but because it randomizes stacks of “generals”, hohoho.

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Send entire deck from an always shuffle deck does not shuffle. Either use a shuffle hotkey or send cards individually.

(Does this qualify as a bug?)

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Not sure it’s formally a bug or not but it’s definitely irritating when I need to do this specific thing. One reason I’m not necessarily eager to go trying to change it is I worry what module will turn out to depend on the existing behavior.

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I suspect “fixing” that would break the “Draw specific cards” option (when used for more than 1 card), since that seems to work by moving the selected cards to the top of the deck.