Sideboard setup on startup.

I’m developing an expansion for Eldritch Horror.

There is a main board and a couple of sideboards that only go in play when certain conditions are met.
One of this sideboards includes a token that moves from location to location depending on the top card of a deck.
This deck only goes into play if certain conditions are met, the same conditions as the sideboard.

Upon initial (and automatic) setup, the game detects that the conditions are met and thus
places the sideboard next to the main board and shuffles the sideboard deck so that the token would be placed on the space corresponding to the top card of the deck.

The problem I’m encountering is that, since all of this happens upon setup, the token is not placed on it’s corresponding location.
This happens because that location is not on the main window yet. I guess it’s because the deck is shuffled before the
sideboard is placed on the main window.
Is there a way to determine the order these events take place?
Or does anybody have another suggestion?

note: After setup, during gameplay, the token moves to the location corresponding to the top card of the deck whenever a card is drawn or the deck is shuffled.


I used to enjoy automation. Vassal modules caring for tedious tracking, calculations, clear-ups, card dealing, all by themselves. Just great.

There are two problems though, at least in my understanding.

First one is of technical nature. Automation can be buggy. Edge cases, one would never think of testing against, are bound to happen. Player will do… things. And hardware configurations are legion.

On start-up configuration I’ve always avoid, personally.

Second problem is of more philosophical nature. With all the features automated, doesn’t module diverge from the tangible board, chits, bits and pieces. If the players get used too much to the module itself, they will have hard time playing the “real” game. I know it from my own experience: I played over 200 games of Brass on-line and were quite confident about my skills. But confronted in f2f, I performed sub-par, so to say.

Couldn’t this token be moved manually?

Yes. Everything could be moved manually. The thing with the EH module is that because of the numerous amount of windows and items involved in the game certain decks or tokens might be difficult to find at first and a lot of things you want automated to save time because games can run long. But, yes, for now initial setup of this particular token will have to be user performed.