Simple formulas in text label

Trying to add a multiplier to a code in a text label. The Txt label is mirroring another labels input and I want it to also apply a multiplier to the number.
Original text label gets a number input like “12”.
Next text label uses that labels property “G.T.” and multiplies it by 2.
$G.T.$*2 Doesn’t work.
What am I missing?

Fixed, Used calculated property to get the math done. Be careful to not use the old text label as a copy for the new one or you may end up with an endless loop.


You can do calculations directly in the text label. You just can’t mix beanshell with $G.T.$ syntax. {G.T.*2} would have worked but not $G.T.$*2.

PS Although I’m not sure if the periods would be problematic for Beanshell parsing, my old school 80’s programming background has taught me to avoid using any special characters for naming variables/properties aside from “_”. I would have named the property “G_T” or just “GT”.

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The periods were an issue and I removed them.