Simple text compare is failing

Dynamic property called IsGreen has a value of either a space, a -2 or a -3.

But when I do a {IsGreen == “-2”} when the property is set to -2 it does not test true.

So what am I missing is there some special trick when dealing with a number as text?

Another similar test works find {Height != “Transfer”}

IsGreen and Height are both Dynamic properties containing several text values.

My guess is the -2 and -3 are somehow being tested differently, help!!!

Can I ask, how have you verified that the properties have the value you think they have?

In these situations I find it useful to set up triggers and commands to report stuff for debugging purposes.

The dynamic property has 3 values the player can select from that I keyed into the list. It displays on the unit.

It’s problem with the Multi-Action button argh! Thanks for making me think this through!!