Simultaneous reveal from list to chat

I’m trying to figure out how to do this for SFB cadet module.

An SFB turn has 16 or 32 impulses depending on the game type you are playing.
Each impulse conducts a sequence of play(SOP). Here is a short list(there are more).
Cloak/decloak, tractor, launch weapons, land shuttles, launch shuttles, operate shields, operate transporters, fire
On any one of these steps any player may perform an action on any step in order however if no player is doing anything you advance to next impulse. So there is no reason to go through these steps unless a player has an action, however a player may always perform a counter action on a succeeding step in response to a players previous step but can’t “me too” an action in response to a revealed action on the same step as that revealed action.

I want to have a button that any player can click and it opens a window for all players. That window has a (drop down?) list of the SOP steps and an option for no actions at all. Players make their selections where they have an action and then they fill in a line of text (or several) stating what those actions are. Once all players have committed the actions are revealed. If all players have selected no action the next impulse is advanced. If one or more players has selected a sop step only the first in order sop step is revealed. For instance player A chooses launch weapons but player B selected operate transporters. Since launch is before transporters only launch weapons is revealed. That player does his launch(add the counter to the map etc…) and then the SOP is called again. At that point player B can keep his transporter order or change his mind and cancel it or even select an as yet not revealed step like launch shuttles or even land shuttles.

I see the notes window and it’s tabs for “scenario”, “public”, “private”, and “delayed”. So part of what I want is right there - - “Delayed”. It just needs to be customized, but I’m not seeing how to do this. Is there a way or is this an “imported java class” situation (beyond my skill level)?

I see an example in the topic about flipping cards simultaneously. I could use that approach using a different card for each SOP step and only revealing a “higer value” card and somehow attaching a text note to the card or something but it will be a slower way to do things.

Are there any modules I can look at that already have something similar you can think of?

I’ve come to realize this will only be possible through an imported java class.