Hi all,

I experienced a rapid decrease in performance while building a module in two different places. I was wondering if anyone had experienced this before and knows what to do.

The piece that I am building is character sheet for a old complex RPG, Chivalry and Sorcery. So there are numerous text fields and dynamic properties. The first slow down I experience was when adding over 15 text fields displaying a single dynamic property in a prototype. The piece editor slowed to a crawl. Restarting Vassal did not help. I “solved” this problem by creating multiple prototypes and limiting the number of text fields to about 10.

The second problem is more of an issue as it actually affects runtime of the game. So this complex piece as has 49 “buttons” attached to it. These buttons are used to generate future events in a time queue. When the button it is pressed, the complex piece places up to 6 event markers upon itself, transfer information from itself to the event cards via global variables, stamps a queue exit time for the event and then throws the events into a deck.

One I first implemented this function with less complex pieces, the whole operation was almost instantaneous. When I added the prototype contain this functionality to the complex piece, it nows takes about 4 seconds for the complex piece to implement, and the originall test piece now takes about 2 seconds, a noticeable delay. I have tried adjusting the order of the traits. Anyone experienced this before?

The one other bit I’ve done was to add a lot of global variables. I actually don’t need to have these now as the character sheet has replaced the need to transfer information from the character sheet to an action card, and then from the action card to event card.

Any help would be appreciate it. The module is SwordPlay!, and I am unsure what versions are on the server at the moment. If someone is willing to take a look, I’ll upload the two versions of the module.

Thanks In Advance,