Snap to grid board/map question

I have come across a problem, which I can’t resolve myself. Can anyone help me?

I have a board, which is made up of a grid. I want all my counters to snap to the centre of each grid square, and they do, so no problem there.

I also have an At-Start Stack object, this object is the same length as the game board. The players are allowed to move it along the playing board. However as soon as it is moved onto the board, it snaps to the centre of the square in the first row of the board grid, whcih means that it is out of position.

How do I stop it snapping to the board, and instead restrict it to a certain height on the board/map?

Thanks for your help.

Solved it.

“Legal Locations” on the “Regtangular Grid” (although that does mean that the other counters can also snap to the edges).

Alternatively depending on your design and intent, you can add Does not
stack to your at start stack and set it to ignore grid snapping.

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Thanks for that, although I have decided to continue using the Legal Locations function.

I assume that I can combine the At-Start Stack function, with a (private) userbased map to allocate a specific counter to each player when they log in to play a game. (so that Player 1 is allocated Counter 01, player 2 is allocated Counter 02, and so on).