Snap to Grid

I’m playing with a module that doesn’t snap units to the (hex) grid and I’d like to turn it on.

I’ve looked through the module in the editor, looked at another module that does use snap to grid, I searched the forums, the FAQ, the docs and Googled, I found plenty of references to the feature but nothing that lead me to the checkbox, properties or whatever that enables or disables or even tells me if it’s a property of the map or the unit. I’d have thought map but some of the info I found made me think it might be unit.

Can someone please point me at the documentation that’s probably right under my nose?

If you just have a grid painted on your mapboard image, then nothing will snap to it. To do so, you need to add a Map Grid component to the Board. You can tweak the grid so that it’s the same size and shape as the painted one and then make it invisible. All pieces will automatically snap to the grid except those with the Does Not Stack trait which have had grid-snapping explicitly disabled.


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Aha! I bet that’s exactly the case. I should have thought of that since adding the Map Grid is exactly what the Zip Wars tutorial walks you through doing. I guess I just assumed it was there somewhere and I wasn’t seeing it.