[solved] sub/super-script bold/underline chars in txt fields

In the module editor (Vassal 3.1.0)…

When entering the text for a Game Piece Image, to go in a label defined on a Game Piece Layout, how does one manage to enter characters within the text field that have special formatting such as sub/super-script or bold/underline or colour different from the remainder of the text field?

It might do to use a symbol for an exponent such as squared or cubed, if possible.

Or is this whole thing not possible, or does it require using a label trait on the actual Game Piece (or prototype used by the actual Game Piece) in the Game Piece Palette instead (in which case same question as to how)?

Okay I see how to use sub/sup HTML tags with a text box instead of a label and that might work out fine.

But how do you make the text within the text box center-justified instead of left-justified?

some text

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