Some "automation" questions (mostly:interaction btw pieces)

I have 3 Game pieces (SoldierA, B & C) each with a “Board” (a place to put on cards and stuff they own/collect), and i have “Equip Tokens” (other game pieces that each soldier can pickup, say a “Pistol” and a “Rifle”).

Game pieces interaction
a) Is it possible to enable (or show) a menu command for a Soldier (like “PickUp”), when he’s on an Equip Token?
b) Could said menu “send” the equip token from the gamemap to the pickin-up Soldier “Board”?
c) There’s a way to enable (or show) a menu command on the soldier piece when a Equip token is on his Board (so, enable “Attack with Pistol” if the Equip-Pistol token is on the soldier board)

Symbolic Dice
I have “multi-info” dice (think at the Descent dice, where there’s more values and symbols on each face). I plan to compute the result of dice rolls by using bitwise operation. But since there’s a lot of weapons (so, lot of different dice combos) i’d like to “define” my dice and dice rolls once and use … something all around the module (right now, the approach seems to be to define a toolbar button for each weapon, and (re)define the simbolic dice everytine inside the button).
d) There’s a way to have simbolic dice and complex result solving in an unique place, and use a “call” of some type on various buttons/game pieces?

Generic stuffs
Right now I click on a Soldier and it become highlighted (suppose i clicked on Soldier A).
e) How could i push on a toolbar button (say a “Call Air Support” button -just an example- ) and show a report “Soldier A calls Air Support” (so, how to know the name of a selected piece)?

I don’t think there is an easy way for this. You could store the LocationName of each equip token (assuming there is a maximum reasonable number of them) in global properties and then have a bunch of “Pick Up” triggers on the Soldier with a global property match checking if the location matches one of those stored locations.

Sure, just have those above triggers fire a Send To Location.

Yes, just have some global property on the soldier board track which equip token was placed on it (by the above Send To Location) and then use Triggers on the soldier again.

When you click on the toolbar button the soldier is not selected anymore… Just use a right click command on the soldier for that. Otherwise, if you mean to call air support for all soldiers on the map at once (or maybe a bunch of soldiers matching some attributes) then define a global key command as toolbar button. It should act on all pieces of type “soldier”, say, and send them “callAirSupport” command key. Then it suffices for each soldier to have a Report Action trait which on “callAirSupport” writes what you want to chat. Make sure the global key command is not set to suppress all piece reports (uncheck the box).

Hey, thanks for the answers!

mh… Let’s forgot all the previous questions, and suppose that there’s a toolbar buttons for each weapon ( a lot).
From your answer there’s no way to report (from the button events) that “Soldier A makes an attack with a Rifle”, 'cause no one “knows” that Soldier A was selected before clicking the button. Right?

And ('cause i tried a lot of stuffs meanwhile):
there’s a way for a Piece to know the value of a Layer (or a property) of another Piece? As a programmer i tend to think to object hierarchy (like SoldierA.LayerName.Layer) but i don’t see any similar stuffs here…

Define the “command key to apply to all pieces ending movement on this map” in the map properties.


Nope. But a piece can broadcast info about itself via Set Global Properties traits and another piece can then query those…

Thanks a lot.