Some prototypes report on Key Command, some don't.

This is in relation to Chess War.

I am having issues working on Level 2 so I decided to build a little light weight module to test and learn.

I have a number of bare bones Game Piece Prototype Definitions:

Report action on “ChessSwitch”
Report action on “ChessSwitch”
Report action on “ChessSwitch”
Report action on “ChessSwitch”
Report action on “ChessSwitch”

I have a map called Chess Board which apply’s the Key Command ChessSwitch to all units ending movement on the map.

I set up 8 black pawns on the board in the proper place via at-start stacks.

When I move a pawn, I get reports like this:

  • Black Pawn 5 moved to D5 *
  • Report from Pawn prototype - D5: Black Pawn 5 *
  • Report from Black Prototype - D5: Black Pawn 5 *
  • Black Pawn 6 moved to C5 *
  • Report from Pawn prototype - C5: Black Pawn 6 *
  • Report from Black Prototype - C5: Black Pawn 6 *

So, the pawn and the black prototypes report in but the cpiece and the combatl2 prototypes do not.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can track this down or what I might be doing wrong?

all the best,


So, I guess your Black pawns do all have the prototypes you expect a report from ?
I mean each of these pieces is made of : prototype Black, prototype Pawn, and also prototype Cpiece and combat L2 ?
If not, they would not report.
Technicaly I prefer to build a hierarchy of prototypes … as in :

report cpiece action …

prototype: Cpiece
report pawn action …

Anyway, that would not tell us why your proto does not work in the first place.

Each individual pawn has the following traits:

Basic Piece:
Name: Black Pawn 1 (2,3 etc.)
Black Pawn image (a png)
Prototype - Pawn
Prototype - Black
Prototype - CPiece

The CPiece prototype includes the following trait:

I may have had CombatL2 in the main piece and not in the CPiece at some point.

Yes… I keep trying to figure out the best / most efficient way to do this.

Let’s say I started here.

The thing is we have two colours: Black and White and six piece types: Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, King, and Queen.

Do you know of a way to include multiple of the “same type of prototypes” in another and somehow choose the correct one later?

My thinking is not clear on this point.

Thanks for the input.

all the best,