Someone willing to take a look?

I have been working on a module where I am implementing a time queue (for character actions) using a deck. I have it “working”, but would like to get a second opinion. Anyone interested in taking a look?

(I am using it for an old RPG that plays more like a miniatures game. The idea is to make simultaneous movement sequence correctly. Somewhat like the log sheets in Wooden Ships and Iron men, except there is no “turn”. All players get to take secret log actions one at time, but are restricted from making a new movement until the previous one completes.)

I have an action card(starting in a private hand) which is a superset of an event card. The action card let’s you take an action, where it will create multiple event cards, set values of dynamic properties in the event card. In particular, a turn number when the card should automatically be drawn from the time queue(deck) is assigned. The action also places all event cards and the action card into a deck. Event cards are sent to the table each turn to resolve the action sequence. The action card returns to the private hand when the action is completed, allowing the player to take another action. (Actually each player is allowed 3 actions/character: legs, left arm, right arm.)