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So I was wondering if it was possible to recreate the following system of dice rolling. I tried searching the forums to see if its been done before, but had no luck. I’m looking to roll a variable “handful” of dice, and reroll any dice that roll the maximum value on those dice and add them to the previous total, until no dice show the maximum value, then give me the highest total. I believe the game system “Rifts” uses this system of dice rolling. Im working on a Deadlands pen and paper rpg aid

Thus spake “markb97402”:

I can’t speak to whether it’s possible right now, but once the new dice
roller is added (scheduled for VASSAL 3.2 or 3.3) then it will be trivial
to do this.


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You’re going to have to be pretty creative. Make each “die” a game piece which rolls when you click on it, then make the player reroll the right ones (like Yahtzee). Keeping track of the totals will be difficult, but not undoable. The trick would be to add the reroll to a global property whenever a player rerolls. There then needs to be a reset button which clears this total to zero.

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2008/12/21 Joel Uckelman <uckelman@nomic.net (uckelman@nomic.net)>

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