stack or deck of unique drawable (face down) flipable token

What are the different ways I can do this?

24 tokens with a common layer 1 and unique layer 2. When you pull one, it is one of the 24 tokens. I need the order to be different with each new game. It can be like a deck where it is randomized at the beginning and then you draw from the top. When you draw it, it is still face down. Once you find the token on the board, you can flip it. (I know how to do the flip part, just adding this in case it limits me somehow)

If you can point me to a module which already does this or just tell me in brief how to do, thanks!

Create a card deck for your tokens. In the card deck properties, make sure to set it so that cards are drawn face down. That should do it.

Thank You for your response Dr.Nostromo. I was able to work on this last night and the deck kept not showing up but I found it was a problem with the masking. It is now working as desired, I found the reference manual and that helped me locate it. I also watched the youtube videos.

Consider this resolved.