Stacking Error w/ Invisibility ON

BUG: Stacking fails when pieces replaced with Invisibility ON, depending on the player triggering the GKC.

Background: This bug was mostly resolved in the latest vassal releases, but this residue remains.

The original post

Complete MODULE and VLOG reproduction of the BUG at this link.

VASSAL Ver. 3.6.5
Linux Mint 20.1
Java: openjdk version “11.0.14” 2022-01-18
Vassal Module Provided Above
Steps to reproduce provided above in VLOG

Sorry, a log isn’t helpful for this because it’s hard to tell precisely what you did. We need a instructions for reproducing the problem so that we can reproduce it ourselves.

Thanks very much for your attention on this. It is a big impact for me.
In the zip file that I provided a link to, you will find both the VLOG that I recorded of the bug and a toy MODULE that I created to simplify and reproduce the bug. So, as you step through the vlog file, the only thing that is happening is…

  1. Draw five unit counters from each side…stacking each player-side units in their own separate stacks.
  2. Turn both stacks invisible.
  3. Trigger the “replace” GKC in the main window. This causes all units to trigger their “replace with other” property, which is exposed outside of the invisibility property.
  4. Then, simply change side to find the opponent’s stack shows only the top unit and does not show a stack.
  5. In the vlog, I do the procedure again from the other player-side to demonstrate that the bug shows up for the player that doesn’t trigger the GKC.
  6. The bug is very easy to reproduce and can keep repeating simply by pressing the “replace” button and switching sides to see appearance of the opponent’s stack.

Harald, please install & try out the NowYouSeeThem build at Builds of vassalengine/vassal

If we successfully solve the problem with that, we should be able to include it in 3.6.7


It appears to work perfectly! Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next release.

I’m donating $20 to the cause.