Stacking Fails Depending on Who Triggers 3.6.0-beta2

When a GKC activated by the non-owning player triggers an opponent’s pieces trait, resulting in a stack of pieces to be placed, the pieces do not appear stacked.

Only when the owning player triggers the trait, via the module level GKC do the pieces appear stacked.

I do not believe this is specific to 3.6.0B only.

I have prepared a .vlog.

I have created a minimal module to demonstrate this bug. Below are links to the bug demo module and the .vlog. You will see that triggering the trait works, but stacking fails if non-owner triggers.

Help with this bug would be greatly appreciated. My current module project is impacted by it.

Which beta? There are 3.6.0-beta1 and 3.6.0-beta2 presently.

Sorry, Beta-2…I actually think this reaches back to 3.5.8, but have not confirmed.

Please do try to find the first version where the problem occurs.

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I went back to 3.1 and can’t get Vassal to start a new module without getting an error.

Similar results until 3.4.8.
Rebuilt minimal module in 3.4.8…
Bug occurs the same as it does in 3.6.0-B2

Here is the .vmod and .vlog for reproducing the stacking bug in VASSAL 3.4.8 :

VASSAL 3.6.1 appears to solve this problem! Thank you very much.